Topic maps are the most powerful metadata standard around. ISO 13250 defines syntaxes for their interchange.



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Topic maps are a standard for managing metadata (somewhat similar to RDF). They can be used to generate navigation for a website, and for lots of other metadata tasks. Topic maps are a new standard (since ± 2000) and are slowly becoming more popular.

What is topic maps?

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First Steps.

  • What Are Topicmaps
  • Understanding Topicmaps
  • Topic Map FAQ
  • How Does It Fit Together
  • So Whats Wrong With Topic Maps
  • Are Topic Maps Hard To Learn

Who uses TopicMaps?

  • Topicmaps And IA For Information Architects.
  • Topicmaps And Developers
  • Topicmaps And Managers
  • Topicmaps And Km Knowledge Management
  • Topicmaps And Ux User Experience.
  • Topic Map Cafe

Making TopicMaps

You don't need any programs to write your first topic map, just a text editor like notepad.
  • My First Topicmap
  • Topic Map Authoring Tips, hints and best practices.
  • Publicly Available Topicmaps Examples always help.
  • Topicmap Tutorials
  • Linear Topic Map Notation An easy way to write topic maps.
  • Astma Notation Another easy notation.
  • Existing Taxonomies

Comparing and integrating with other technologies and concepts

  • Topicmaps And Concept Maps
  • Topicmaps And RDF
  • Topicmaps And Dublin Core Metadata Initiative
  • Topicmaps And KM Topic maps and Knowledge Management
  • Topicmap Thesaurus Or Controlled Vocabulary How does a topic map compare with these other tools?
  • Topicmaps And Rdbms Relational Databases
  • Published Subjects are crucial for topic maps, and will certainly be useful for other Semantic Web applications

TopicMaps resources

  • Topicmap Consultants Add your own name if you're a Topic Map consultant.
  • Topicmap Software Commercial software.
  • Topicmap Free Tools
  • Topicmap Resources
  • Topicmap Books
  • Topicmap Links


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