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    A standard is basically an agreed way of doing something, which is often recorded and published formally.

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

BS8900: 2006

BS8900:2006 Guidance for managing sustainable development has been designed to help organizations develop an approach to sustainable development that will continue to evolve and adapt to meet new and continuing challenges and demands. It offers clear practical advice enabling meaningful contribution to sustainable development. This new standard guides organizations towards effective management of their impact on society and the environment, along the route to enhanced organizational performance and success.

Applicable to organizations of any size, sector and type, BS8900 is designed to:
• Provide a framework enabling organizations to take a structured approach to sustainable development by considering the social, environmental and economic impacts of their activities
• Make it easier for organizations to adjust to changing social expectations
• Help organizations to connect existing technical, social and environmental standards, both formal (e.g. BS EN ISO 14000) and private standards (e.g. the GRI and the AA1000 standards)
• Offer a maturity pathway for the development of the management of sustainable development issues and impacts
• Provide an organization’s stakeholders with a useful tool to assess and engage in improving organizational performance
• Contribute to international level dialogue in the international standard on social responsibility which is currently under development.

The publish price for this standard is approx £69. For a formal quote, please email the following address:

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ISO/IEC 19770-1

BS ISO/IEC 19770-1:2006 Software Asset Management.

Processes, establishes a structured baseline for organizations to implement an integrated set of processes for SAM. The aim of the standard is to help you achieve good practice and manage your software more efficiently so that management and other organizations can be confident of the quality and adequacy of your processes.

Contents of BS ISO/IEC 19770-1:2006 include:
• Scope, terms and definitions
• Field of application
• Conformance
• Intended usage
• Agreement compliance
• General Software Asset Management processes
• Control environment for Software Asset Management
• Planning and implementation
• Inventory processes
• Verification and compliance processes
• Operations management processes and interfaces
• Life cycle process interfaces

Here are just some of the benefits of best practice in accordance with BS ISO/IEC 19770-1:2006:
• Reduced risk of disruption to and deterioration in quality of IT services
• Reduced risk of damage to Company and Public image
• Reduced infrastructure and support costs
• Improved financial control through better invoice reconciliation and more accurate forecasting and budgeting
• Reduced time and cost spent negotiating with suppliers because of better information availability Improved management control over legal and regulatory issues
• Better quality decision making due to availability of reliable data
• Better personnel motivation and client satisfaction
• Providing IT which is more closely aligned to business needs
• Ability to deploy new systems and functionality, quickly and reliably in response to market opportunities.

The publish price for this standard is approx £112. For a formal quote, please email the following address:

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ISO/IEC 23026

BS ISO/IEC 23026 Software Engineering. Recommended Practice for the Internet. Web Site Engineering, Web Site Management, and Web Site Life Cycle

This standard defines recommended practices for World Wide Web page engineering for Intranet and Extranet environments, based on World Wide Web Consortium (W3C®) and related industry guidelines. This recommended practice does not address stylistic considerations or human-factors considerations in Web page design beyond limitations that reflect good engineering practice.

Contents include:
Scope, purpose, conformance
Definitions, terminology, abbreviations and acronyms
Design practices
Server, HTTP and site considerations
Header information
Body information
Who should use this standard?

The objective is to improve the productivity of Intranet/Extranet Web operations in terms of locating relevant information, and efficient development and maintenance practices. This standard is aimed primarily at:

- Web page developers in Intranet (organizational internal)
Web page developers in Extranet (amongst a limited domain of organizational participants) Web environments

- Software Engineering. Recommended Practice for the Internet. Web Site Engineering, Web Site Management, and Web Site Life Cycle

The publish price for this standard is approx £148. For a formal quote, please email the following address:

Standards Quotation
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